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Mobile Spray Foam Rigs - Boss Spray Foam Technologies


Boss Spray Technologies along with BTG have developed the perfect combination of customer needs and equipment requirements for any mobile Spray Foam Rig.
Our sleek light weight, plug and play design allows you to set up your mobile rig the way you want!
The system our team designed is efficient, economical all while reducing unwanted ambient noise. Most importantly its compact and cost effective.


Boss Spray Technologies and BTG listened to the customers needs and created a modular, lightweight, noise suppressed power unit capable of 35kw 3 phase of power and 35 C.F.M Boss Air rotary air with no tank and intercooled air.
The live touch screen allows you to engage or disengage the compressor and monitor air and oil temperatures, as well as turn on and off the Boss Spray Technologies GX2-830 2 Gun equalizer hose heat system.
The interactive touch screen programmed and wired by Sheltech Electric is equipped with safety shut down modes to ensure the longevity of the engine and air compressor reducing unnecessary equipment damage and downtime.
Our all aluminum full body design reduces weight and the insulated panels dramatically reduce noise allowing you to work in densely populated mature neighborhoods without disruption while maintaining the most efficient productivity.


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