About Us


If you are a Company that sprays foam insulation, coatings or other materials; we design and build mobile units that make it possible. What makes us different is our ability to balance design and function. No matter what purpose you have for your mobile rig we can choose the right equipment and combine that equipment into a system that will function flawlessly without failure for years to come.

In addition we will work within budgets with creativity and choices that work. We are very flexible and have a extensive inventory of expertly reconditioned reactors, generators, and compressors that can meet any budget.

Now you have a rig and are looking for service, we do that too! We understand that down time is panic time, we offer 24/7 service to get you back up and running again. If your repair is extensive then you have the option of choosing one of our rentals to keep your project on track.

At Boss Spray Technologies Inc. we’ll partner with you to get the job done! 

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